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FRAME FINISHES Silver (S) Matte Silver (V) Soft Silver (T) Polished Brass (PB) Nickel (N) Deep Bronze (ADR) (DR) Silver, Matte Silver, Soft Silver, Polished Brass, Nickel and Anodized Deep Bronze (ADR) finishes are crafted from anodized aluminum. Deep Bronze (DR) is powder-coated over anodized aluminum. TEXTURES Rain (G06) Clear (G05) Pebbled (G10) Hammered (G04) Framed Aluminum frame mounted to the edges of the glass door panel adds structure to the glass. Frameless Minimal metal framing creates a sophisticated look and feel. Thicker glass is used to eliminate the need for structural framing. FRAME DESIGNS CleanCoat Technology An innovative glass surface treatment that makes it easier to remove hard water spots, CleanCoat technology creates a protective barrier that repels water, dirt and minerals from collecting, making it easier to clean. With CleanCoat Without CleanCoat W A R R A N T Y L I M I T E D 5 DOORS YEAR 5300 SERIES 5400 SERIES 5800 SERIES 6300 SERIES 6500 SERIES 540000 SERIES SP2375 SERIES W A R R A N T Y L I M I T E D 3 DOORS YEAR 1500 SERIES 5720 SERIES 5900 SERIES SP2200 SERIES W A R R A N T Y L I M I T E D 1 DOORS YEAR 500 SERIES 600 SERIES 2375 SERIES NI3100 SERIES

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