Bath Kitchen Glamour Catalog Page 15 Toilets & Bathroom Sinks

15 TECHNOLOGY With an easy-to-use two-button actuator, STERLING HETs with Dual Force technology put the power of flushing efficiency at your fingertips. Go full force at 1.6 gpf and clear the bowl of bulk waste in just one powerful flush. For liquid and lighter waste, flush with a lower gallons-per-flush setting and save thousands of gallons of water per year. The flapperless valve, siphonic washdown system and sanitary guard help ensure exceptional hygiene inside and out. WHY CHOOSE DUAL FORCE TECHNOLOGY? Virtually maintenance-free flapperless valve 100 percent of the water used for flushing passes through the rim, thoroughly cleansing the entire bowl Precision-engineered to use water effectively and efficiently Sanitary guard between the tank and bowl increases cleanliness Karsten Toilet HET Round-Front 402025 (shown) HET Elongated 402028 HET Luxury Height Elongated 402087 Rockton Toilet HET Round-Front 402024 (shown) HET Elongated 402027 HET Luxury Height Elongated 402088

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