Bath Kitchen Glamour Catalog Page 68 Bath & Shower Doors

68 BATH & SHOWER DOORS Choose a door type. Determine your door size. Choosing a Bath or Shower Door Is Easy! Follow these simple steps. Correct measurements are critical. Measure the distances from wall to wall at both top and bottom of opening (A & B). These measurements may vary. Select a door with a maximum opening size equal to or slightly greater than your larger measurement. Measure the distance from top of the bath ledge or shower base to top of the bath/shower, shower wall unit or tile wall where you want the door to be located (C). Select a door with desired height equal to or slightly less than your measurement. Bath Door For a bath or bath/shower combination. Shower Door For a unit designed exclusively for showering. Sliding Two overlapping glass panels that slide back and forth along their tracks. Commonly installed on 60" baths and 48" and 60" showers. Swinging Pivot or hinge doors that swing out from the wall like a traditional door. Designed to fit shower openings from 24" to 48". Neo-Angle These space-saving doors include fixed panels on either side of the door and are ideal for smaller bathrooms. IMPORTANT: When measuring the height (C), do not measure to the top of the bath/shower, shower unit or tile wall if there is a beveled or radius top edge. Measure the height only to the lowest starting point of the bevel or radius. Select either a bath or shower door. 1 2 3

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