Bath Kitchen Glamour Catalog Page 73 Bath & Shower Doors

BATH & SHOWER DOORS 73 CleanCoat Technology An innovative glass surface treatment, available on frameless doors, that makes it easier to remove hard water spots. CleanCoat technology creates a protective barrier that repels water, dirt and minerals from collecting, making doors easier to clean. WARRANTIES W A R R A N T Y L I M I T E D 5 DOORS YEAR 5300 SERIES 5400 SERIES 5600 SERIES 6300 SERIES 6500 SERIES 540000 SERIES 580000 SERIES SP2375 SERIES W A R R A N T Y L I M I T E D 3 DOORS YEAR 1500 SERIES 5900 SERIES 570000 SERIES (Prevail Door) SP2200 SERIES W A R R A N T Y L I M I T E D 1 DOORS YEAR 500 SERIES 600 SERIES 2375 SERIES 570000 SERIES (Whiston Door) NI3100 SERIES

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