Bath Kitchen Glamour Catalog Page 80 Kitchen & Specialty Sinks

WHY STAINLESS STEEL SOUND DEADENING SYSTEM SilentShield pads are incorporated into our stainless steel sinks to dampen unwanted noises and vibrations from clanging dishes, running water or the garbage disposal. Adopted from the auto industry in 2002, SilentShield is among the most effective ways to dampen noise within the industry. UNIQUE BASIN SHAPE The basins on our stainless steel sinks are flatter than most others, providing more volume. This means that our sinks have industry standard dimensions of length, width and depth, but the flatter basin provides more volume. BACKED BY KOHLER All STERLING sinks are made in the same facility as KOHLER stainless steel sinks, so STERLING sinks go through the same quality checks and adhere to the same standards and testing as KOHLER sinks.

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