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MULTI-PIECE DESIGN. CAULK-FREE INSTALLATION. Featuring the Ensemble Medley 60" x 30" or 60" x 32" bath/shower by Sterling The new Ensemble Medley bath/shower eliminates the need for caulk , making installation a snap and reducing the need for long-term maintenance. The innovative Dry-Block seal and channeled water containment system form watertight seams without the use of caulk - working behind the scenes to make your shower as functional as it is beautiful. Learn more about the Ensemble Medley bath/showers by visiting SterlingPlumbing.com . Interlocking design with innovative Dry-Block seal helps prevent leaks The 30" Ensemble bath is 16" high and works with tile or STERLING shower walls Four ample shelves hold 10 to 12 shampoo bottles MORE FEATURES & BENEFITS Manufactured from solid Vikrell material for strength, durability and lasting beauty Durable high-gloss finish provides a smooth, shiny surface that is easy to clean Tongue-and-groove interlocking joints form a seamless appearance and simplify installation Four-piece design allows it to be moved around corners and through doorways with ease Available in a variety of options including above-floor drains, Aging in Place backerboards and whirlpool baths 13009 3/15/15M/HM 2015 by Kohler Co. Kohler, Wisconsin 53044 Printed in U.S.A. 800.STERLING White 0 KOHLER Biscuit 96 COLOR SELECTION MODEL DESCRIPTION 60" x 30" x 16" 60" x 32" x 18" Bath 71171120/10 71120120/10 Bath/Shower 71370120/10 71320120/10 Aging in Place Option 71370126/16 71320126/16 Whirlpool Bath 76121120/10 Whirlpool Bath/Shower 76220120/10 Complete Wall Set 71374100 71324100 Complete Wall Set with Backerboards 71374106 71324106 Baths are also available with above-floor-drain option.

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