Sterling 2017 Price Catalog Page 10 Aging In Place & ADA Solutions

ROCKTON KARSTEN Images shown are HET models AIP Model Number 402088 402087 Rough-In 12" Water Usage 0.8/1.6 gpf Trapway/Flush Action 2"/Dual Force Siphonic Dimensions 31" x 15" x 31 7 /8" x 16" 31" x 15" x 31" x 16" Material Vitreous China Look to STERLING toilets to deliver a water-saving flush you can count on. Our WaterSense -labeled Dual Force toilets can help you save water by offering the choice of a 1.6- or 0.8-gallon flush. And our Pro Force technology delivers a clean and powerful flush every time. WHY CHOOSE DUAL FORCE TECHNOLOGY? Virtually maintenance-free flapperless valve 100% of the water used for flushing passes through the rim, thoroughly cleansing the entire bowl Precision engineered to use water effectively and efficiently Sanitary guard between the tank and bowl for increased cleanliness TECHNOLOGY With an easy-to-use two-button actuator, Dual Force technology lets you choose between a full 1.6-gallon or half 0.8-gallon flush - making it a high-efficiency toilet (HET). The flapperless valve, siphonic wash down system and sanitary guard, which keeps liquid from collecting beneath the tank, help ensure exceptional hygiene inside and out.

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