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CUSTOM NEO-ANGLE SHOWER DOORS - 4800 & 4900 SERIES Product Description Framed or Frameless Model Number Glass Type Frame Finish List Price STYLE N3 PROLINE CUSTOM NEO-ANGLE SHOWER DOORS: Maximum 84 Height (continued) OPTION 1 OPTION 2 * Frameless style shown. Neo-angle shower door with two fixed glass panels on step up walls - sum of door and fixed panel width = 90 or less 1 Door: max. 36 width Fixed Panel: max. 48 width 1 For Neo-Angle Doors greater than 90 width, up to a maximum of 110 - add $66.00 to the list price. Framed Glass Door Panel (includes full length handle, no towel bar) 4800S-N3-90 Pebbled or Hammered Silver $ 1,476.05 4800V-N3-90 Matte Silver 1,582.85 4805S-N3-90 Clear Silver 1,563.95 4805V-N3-90 Matte Silver 1,621.30 Frameless Glass Door Panel (includes round single towel bar) 4900S-N3-90 Pebbled or Hammered Silver 1,570.30 4900V-N3-90 Matte Silver 1,616.25 4900N-N3-90 Nickel 1,636.55 4905S-N3-90 Clear Silver 1,634.15 4905V-N3-90 Matte Silver 1,747.70 4905N-N3-90 Nickel 1,696.60 STYLE N3 SAMPLE MEASURING SHEET - REQUIRED TO PROCESS ORDER Model # (from above) List Price $ P.O. # P.O. Date Order Submitted By No. of Units Required Company Name Company Phone # Customer Name Customer Phone # CUSTOM MEASURING SHEETS ARE REQUIRED TO PROCESS ALL CUSTOM DOOR ORDERS. Measuring sheets are provided and must be faxed to Sterling Custom Door Department at (731) 885-8168 . Custom door orders will not be processed without receipt of the form. For additional information or questions, contact the Sterling Custom Door Department at (888) 367-8989 . Notched Panels: Panels can be notched per the measuring sheet for a $120.00 upcharge to the list price. Steam Units: Steam units are available for Framed ProLine Custom Units only (4800 Series Models) at a $150.00 upcharge to the list price. Step #1. Check desired layout, and door position (if applicable). Option 1 Option 2 C A C Check door position (Option 2 only): A Step #2. Check door style. Framed (4800 Series) Check here if you require a steam unit (Framed models only: $150.00 upcharge.) Frameless (4900 Series) * For Frameless door style, only door panel(s) is/are frameless. Note: Glass panels are not the exact size of the opening. Allow for framing. Step #3. Check frame finish. Silver Matte Silver Nickel (Frameless only) Step #4. Check glass type desired. Clear Hammered Pebbled Step #5. Measure installation area and fill in centerline dimensions. If inline panel is required with door section, designate: door width and inline panel width (door panel = 36 max.; side panel(s) = 6 min.) DIM A Panel DIM B Panel DIM C Panel Door: max. 36 width Fixed Panel: max. 48 width Sum of door and fixed panel width = 90 or less; Greater than 90 width, up to maximum 110 = $66.00 upcharge Maximum 84 height Option 1 Note: All dimensions taken at centerline of ledge/threshold. Option 2 H C A B T R H C A B T R DIM R Kneewall Height (from threshold up) DIM T Kneewall Height (from threshold up) DIM H Height (from threshold up) For questions on service parts, how to measure or choose a door, please contact your Customer Service Representative. BATH & SHOWER DOORS 123

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