Sterling 2017 Price Catalog Page 4 Aging In Place & ADA Solutions

WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU? It's not always easy to know which products - AIP OR ADA-compliant - are best for your project or even what to consider as you decide. Whether designing a new home or remodeling, you'll want to think about the bath space holistically and about steps that can be taken to create a comfortable space that is easy to move about in. You may want to widen doorways for easier access, choose faucets with easy-to-operate lever handles and include additional ambient and task lighting. WHAT IS AGING IN PLACE? Designed to help you prepare your home for the future without intruding on your lifestyle today, our Aging in Place products provide comfort and security. They may not meet the same requirements as ADA-compliant products, which allows us more design flexibility. WHAT IS ADA-COMPLIANT? Designed to meet stringent public access standards regarding load-bearing capacity, force actuation and/or accessibility, our ADA-compliant products accommodate a wide range of abilities. Install them per the applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act - 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design, and they will be compliant.

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