Sterling 2017 Price Catalog Page 49 Baths, Air Massage Baths and Whirlpools-Made of Solid Vikrell Material

BATHS, WHIRLPOOLS & BATH/SHOWERS - MISCELLANEOUS ACCESSORIES Model Number Description Units Per Package List Price MISCELLANEOUS ACCESSORIES Lawson Tile-In Flange Kits Optional flange kit available for easier conversion to alcove installation. Kit provides continuous rim support and added water containment benefits compared to non-flanged alcove installation. 71287100-NA Tile-In Flange Kit for Lawson 60 models $ 42.35 71317100-NA Tile-In Flange Kit for Lawson 72 models 47.65 Apron Nailing Flange Kit and Clips 1063916 Apron Nailing Flange Kit 10 units 39.40 1180726 Metal Support Clips 4 units 2.10 1048182 Accord Wall Retaining Clip 2 units 2.40 1122734 Plastic Attachment Clips 6 units 1.80 Felt Pad 40B2102 24 x 43 Standard Size Felt Pad. For use with all bathtubs. 1 unit 3.40 Dry-Block TM Seal 1223774 Dry-Block Seal. For use with Ensemble TM Medley walls (Series 7132/7137/7632). 2 units 3.80 Window Trim Kit Optional window trim kit for water-tight, professional-looking installation in stud pockets with a window. For use with Series 6103, 6104, 6204, 7104 and 7114. VA-80172 Window Trim Kit - available in White only 1 unit 169.85 Vikrell Repair Kits 94555-0 High-Gloss Repair Kit 166.90 1008066-0 Swirl-Gloss Repair Kit 154.80 BATH/SHOWER ACCESSORIES 49

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