Sterling 2017 Price Catalog Page 62 Shower Bases and Shower Stalls-Made of Solid Vikrell Material

SHOWER STALLS - MADE OF SOLID VIKRELL MATERIAL Ship Wt. Cube List Price Per Unit Description Model Number Product Ship Wt. Cube Biscuit White Description Right Left Product 48 x 34 ALCOVE SHOWER STALLS (continued) NEW! STORE+ TM 48 HIGH-GLOSS SHOWER STALL Series 7232 72320100- Also available as a: Guard+ TM shower base only model, see page 52 48 x 34 x 75-3/4 alcove shower stall. Unit consists of shower base with low, three-inch threshold, two end walls and back wall. Features customizable corner storage with dishwasher safe accessories that snap in place with a tilt and a click, and built-in shaving ledges. The back wall includes a full set of ten accessories: four rimmed shelves, two soap dishes with towel bars, two hooks and two large bins. Four-piece modular design with "snap together" tongue-and-groove installation. No sealant or caulk required in the seams . Conforms to CSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124 National Consensus Standards. Shower Stall Unit and Components 72320100- Complete unit $ 752.50 $ 828.20 38.2 145 72321100- Shower base only 232.00 255.25 6.3 35 72322100- Back wall 238.90 262.95 22.9 64 72305100- End wall set 281.60 310.00 9.0 46 Age-in-Place Shower Stall Unit and Components Factory-installed wood backers for future grab bar installation. 72320106- Complete unit with Age-in-Place backers 866.30 941.95 38.2 150 72321100- Shower base only 232.00 255.25 6.3 35 72322106- Back wall with backers 295.75 319.80 22.9 65 72305106- End wall set with backers 338.55 366.90 9.0 50 Optional Accessory Kit 88018100- Store+ full accessory kit For more information, visit 99.00 109.00 Optional Freestanding Seat 72186104- Freestanding seat, 21-7/16 long x 13-1/8 wide x 17-3/8 high 119.00 131.00 3.4 15 AVAILABLE STERLING SHOWER DOORS Finesse TM Quick Install TM Sliding Shower Door Finesse Peak TM /Frameless Sliding Shower Door Meritor Sliding Shower Door Prevail Sliding Shower Door Vista Pivot TM II Shower Door Deluxe Sliding Shower Door Standard Sliding Shower Door See Bath and Shower Doors section beginning on page 76 for specific door model numbers. COLORS & CODES 0 White 96 KOHLER Biscuit Note: Add appropriate color code to the end of the Model Number when ordering. SHOWER STALLS Note: All dimensions shown are finished dimensions. 62

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