Sterling 2017 Price Catalog Page 72 Shower Bases and Shower Stalls-Made of Solid Vikrell Material

SHOWER STALLS - MADE OF SOLID VIKRELL MATERIAL Ship Wt. Cube List Price Per Unit Description Model Number Product Ship Wt. Cube Biscuit White Description Right Left Product 39 x 39 CORNER SHOWER STALLS INTRIGUE TM NEO-ANGLE CORNER HIGH-GLOSS SHOWER STALL Series 7204 72040100- Also available as a: Shower base only model, see page 53 39 x 39 x 78-7/8 neo-angle corner shower stall. Unit consists of shower base and two end walls. Features realistic tile pattern on walls and three convenient shelves in corner column. Tongue-and-groove "snap together" installation - some 100% silicone sealant is required in seams to finish installation . Conforms to CSA B45.5/IAPMO Z124 National Consensus Standards. Shower Stall Unit and Components 72040100- Complete unit $ 582.50 $ 640.75 27.4 111 72041100- Shower base only 219.85 241.80 8.0 43 72044100- Complete wall set 362.65 398.95 19.4 68 Age-in-Place Shower Stall Unit and Components Factory-installed wood backers for future grab bar installation. 72040106- Complete unit with Age-in-Place backers 653.95 719.20 27.4 121 72041100- Shower base only 219.85 241.80 8.0 43 72044106- Complete wall set with backers 434.10 477.40 19.4 78 SP" INTRIGUE FIXTURE-SPECIFIC SHOWER DOORS: Solitaire Frameless Neo-Angle Corner Shower Door Intrigue 39 Framed Neo-Angle Corner Shower Door See page 75 for specific door model numbers. NOTE: Only use STERLING "SP" fixture-specific doors for this product. COLORS & CODES 0 White 96 KOHLER Biscuit Note: Add appropriate color code to the end of the Model Number when ordering. SHOWER STALLS Note: All dimensions shown are finished dimensions. 72

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