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WHY CHOOSE FIXTURES MADE OF SOLID VIKRELL MATERIAL ? The answer is simple: peace of mind. When you choose Vikrell, you can rest assured your bath or shower won't chip, crack or peel. You also get the unique details - such as shelving and tile patterns - made possible by an exceptionally consistent forged-steel tooling process. And, its lightweight, modular construction makes Vikrell perfect for one-person installation. Ensemble baths and shower bases can be paired with a variety of materials, including an Ensemble wall set. Most are available with Aging in Place options. QUICK. Simply snap together the tongue-and-groove walls and install directly onto the studs - without adhesive and with minimal to no caulk. CLEAN. The nonporous composite resists stains and scratches - and wipes clean easily. TOUGH. Color molding throughout means there are no layers to chip or crack, and structural ribs under bath and shower floors eliminate bounce and give.

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