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QUICK. Modular design Easy, snap-together installation Installs 30% faster than one-piece modules Some models don't require caulk Installs directly to studs; no adhesive required Can install anytime during construction Ideal for remodeling Consistent dimensions CLEAN. Resists stains and scratches Wipes clean with soap and water Seamless look Channels water back into the bath or shower Built-in storage TOUGH. Molded into one solid piece under extreme heat and pressure Structural ribs under the base eliminate bounce and give No layers to chip or peel away Ideal for families or high-use facilities such as hotels, dorms and hospitals EASY TO INSTALL. EASY ON THE WALLET. Solid Vikrell is the perfect solution for customers seeking a durable and budget-conscious bathroom. 15004 6/15/10M/H 2015 by Kohler Co. Kohler, Wisconsin 53044 Printed in U.S.A. 800.STERLING W A R R A N T Y L I M I T E D YEAR 1 0 RESIDENTIAL W A R R A N T Y L I M I T E D YEAR 3 COMMERCIAL Products made of solid Vikrell material are certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) for having low chemical emissions.* *Does not apply to the freestanding seat. Learn more about products made of solid Vikrell material by visiting . Wipes clean with ease Structural ribs under the base provide outstanding support Lightweight material is easy to maneuver Solid Vikrell material is built to stand the test of time. We guarantee it with a ten-year consumer limited warranty and a three-year commercial limited warranty.

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